What is Overseeding, and should you be doing it?

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What is Overseeding?

The process of applying grass seed over your lawn is called overseeding.

Overseeding Helps To:

  • • Revive a worn or thin lawn.
  • • Fill in bare spots.
  • • Crowds out weeds by thickening the lawn.
  • • Improve heat and drought tolerance.

Should you be Overseeding your lawn?

Overseeding Helps:

  • • If lawn is thin and has areas with high traffic.
  • • If your lawn has brown spots.
  • • If your lawn has weeds.
  • • If you are in an area where high. temperatures and droughts might occur.

When is the best time to Overseed your lawn?

During the spring or the fall is a good time to do overseeding because Ohio grass is considered a cool grass. When the soil is warm and the air is cool this provides optimal growing conditions.